5 Ways to Cut Your Own Hair at Home

how to cut your own hair
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The haircut is a requirement of attention. If your hair grows very quickly, there are easy ways to shorten your hair without having to go to the hairdresser constantly. You can easily cut your own hair in the model that you want. All you need is sharp scissors, dense combs, hairpins and if you wish hair styling tools. There are also important points to remember before and after cutting your hair. Haircutting should be started with small steps on the other hand haircutting a lot of hair at once can cause non-shape. Also, the haircutting environment should be sufficient light. The size of the mirror you will use when cutting is also important.

Wet hair or dry hair?

how to cut your own hair

Cutting your hair wet or dry is all about personal preference. Some people prefer cutting hair to be cut dry so they think if wet hair is cut, it is shorter than the line where it is cut. If you’re cutting your own hair for the first time, think to before, your favorite hairstyle how to cut it wet or dry on the beauty salon. Cutting dry hair is the best way to go for curls, waves, or layers. If you have these types of hair, you choose this dry haircutting way. So you can have an idea about the style of haircut.

Many professionals prefer cutting your hair wet, as it is easier to manage and control. You can cut the hair while it is wet and fix it once the hair is dry. Doing this will let you produce better-looking results while giving you a chance to fix minor errors.

Which scissors the best?

how to cut your own hair

The scissors to be used must be of good quality and sharp. Take your hairdressing scissors are the best. People can find everywhere easily this one. Kitchen scissors are definitely not recommended and but they could potentially give you even more split hair. The shorter the blades, the easier it will be for you to control what you cut. Hold the scissors appropriately. You’ll need to hold the scissors differently depending on what type of haircut you want. If you want a blunt (straight across) cut, you’ll need to hold your scissors horizontally as you cut straight across your hair. If you want a softer, more natural and layered look, you’ll need to turn your scissors at a 45-degree angle and cut upward into your hair, making small diagonal cuts.

Determine best type of hairstyle

how to cut your own hair

The hair structure and facial structure are matches for each other. Unfortunately, not every haircut suits everyone. It’s important not to be rash with your decision of cutting your own hair. Using haircut models that do not reflect your character correctly also creates images that will not be pleasant and as a result, you may be the one who is uncomfortable.

To decide on a style, browse celebrity pictures online; flip through hairstyle magazines. There are some phone apps and websites that will let you try on different hairstyles over a photograph of yourself. Or asking for help friends who before tried haircutting.

Advantages of straight hair

The most advantageous aspect of having straight hair allows you to have the advantages that you can easily cut your own hair at home!

First, split your hair from front to back in the middle, and throw it from your shoulders forward. Then, starting from left or right, comb and straighten your hair straight with your frequent dense comb. Perform the same procedure on the other side with the same shortness.

Use hair clip

You can easily cut your hair with the help of a hairpin. Loosely tie a hair clip to your hair. Pull the buckle down to the point where you want to cut. Then cut it under the hairpin. This way appears more comfortable for straight hair but every hair type can use this method.

If you want inclined cutting, there are tong buckles that are locked. You can attach it to your hair transversely and pull it down as much as you want to cut it. Then cut it under the tong buckles.

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