DIY: Light Shade Tutorial

Light Shade Tutorial
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Today, we will show how to make an easy and cheap light shade to you! And, as you know it is hard to find something both cheap and looking good. This tutorial could be a family activity to decorate your home or you can make these lights to use on garden party. But, wherever you use them, they will look perfect. Let’s learn how to make it!


  • A glue gun
  • White plastic dixie cups ( it must be plastic, paper ones not strong enough)
  • Double braided jute twine
  • A knife
  • A pair of scissors

Step 1: Heat your glue gun, prepare your supplies and get ready to start!

Light Shade Tutorial

Step 2: Make an “X” with your knife on the bottom side of your cup.

Light Shade Tutorial

Step 3: By starting from around the “x”, glue your double braided jute twine on the plastic cup.

Light Shade Tutorial

Step 4: Wrap your double braided jute twine around until entire cup is covered. Add a row the place that the cup ends.

Light Shade Tutorial

Step 5: Cut excess twine and glue it down.

Light Shade Tutorial

That’s it! You can use led lighting or Christmas lights in it. With this idea, you can start to make soul of your home bohemian! I hope, you like it. Enjoy!


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