How to Apply Foundation: 5 Steps

How to Use The Right Foundation
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We women pay attention to our skin most when making up. Even the slightest jagged image appearing on the skin can ruin the entire make-up. But isn’t our aim to minimise the imperfect image on the skin? Aren’t we trying to show our skin as natural and away from a painted canvas image as possible? So the most important part of make up is apply foundation to the skin. We believe this article will be a guide for you in exposing problems such as liquid foundation, matte foundation, expensive brands or relying on cheaper brands.

Let’s figure out how to decide the right foundation first!

You need to know what to expect from a foundation before you buy the foundation. Concealment, smoothness or a radiant complexion? Everyone’s expectations of the foundation can be different. So you have to analyze the features you want to hide/cover or highlight on your skin and get the foundation for it. When choosing the foundation that suits your skin type, the important thing is your needs.

If you have oily skin you should use matte finish and self-powdered foundation. Wet-finished foundation can lubricate the skin during the day. If you have dry skin, you can prioritize those with bright and shiny ends. The wet skin look is for you! If you complain that your skin looks dull and dull all the time, you’ll love the wet-finish foundation. Dry skin should always apply moisturizer before starting make-up.

Let’s talk about finding our skin undertone after finding the right foundation that suits our skin type.

1- Cold Undertones: If the veins in the wrist are in shades of blue or purple, the undertones of her skin are cold tones. Cold lower tones are often seen in white complexions. If your skin type is in this category, choose a pink-based foundation to highlight its natural glow.

2- Warm Undertones: If the veins on the inside of your wrist are in shades of green you have a skin with warm undertones. Yellow-based foundation will look great on your skin.

3- Neutral undertones: If your veins look both blue and green, you have neutral undertones. You’re pretty lucky because every color lipstick, eyeshadow will look great on you! From ivory to gold tones, all the foundation will look great on you!

How to Use The Right Foundation

Now let’s learn to apply the foundation!

Step 1: Clear the skin from toxins!

The most important element for things to rub on a skin free from dirt. Give your face a nice massage first with a make-up cleaner that will breastfeed your skin and destroy the dirt and dust that has accumulated during the day.Wait at least 3 minutes for this product to be absorbed. By the way, you can take care of your eye makeup!

How to Use The Right Foundation

Step 2: The fluid of the foundation depends on the skin being moist!

Create a base or undertone with cream that will give your skin the moisture it needs. A little tip; using men’s shaving foam as a base will have an incredible effect on you.

How to Use The Right Foundation

Step 3: Brushes, hands or beauty blender?

In fact, there is no clear answer to this question. But the fact is that distributing the foundation by hand is very difficult and requires mastery to provide a homogeneous image. Beauty blender is effective for closing smaller areas (such as under-eye bruises,nose edges). Getting a good foundation brush will make it easier for you. Starting in the middle of the face,carefully scatter the foundation over your skin, taking little by little foundation into the brush. After roughly distributing the foundation, take the beauty blender and go over the places that the brush can’t distribute. This is a technique that will minimize the appearance of ripple on the skin.

How to Use The Right Foundation

Step 4: Red zones, bruises, spots, areas that need to be brightened!

Rub concealer on the foundation we have formed on the base of the skin where the under-eye bruises, irregular reddening on the edges of the nose, forehead area and colour should appear lighter. Apply the concealer less than the foundation. Don’t put anything in your face.Create a natural skin image you need!

How to Use The Right Foundation

Step 5: Should we apply powder after the skin make-up is complete?

In fact, there is no clear answer to this question either. If you want a matte and porcelain image (This is also called Unfiltered-filtered image) then you must secure your foundation with a transparent and matte powder. But if you have a make-up preference that looks wet and fresh then you should avoid anything that will dull it, meaning you shouldn’t try using powder.

These are the subtleties of achieving flawless skin appearance.I hope this article has been useful enough for you all! See you in the next article.

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