Mini DIY Palm Figured Decorative Canvases

Mini DIY Palm Figured Decorative Canvases
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You don’t have to be an artist or painter to create your own unique canvas art. Here, by creating these mini palm figured decorative canvases I aimed at having more positive and colorful confined spaces.

They are all 15x15cm mini palm figured canvas pieces and very appropriate to thrill your walls, desks or any place you wish at your home or office! You can also enlarge the size of the canvas but we recommend you to begin with these mini canvases at the beginning.

Let’s start to create your own canvas painting by following the steps below!


  1. 15×15 cm mini press canvas
  2. Oil paints (any color you wish but I prefer Talens Oil Paint)
  3. Oil paint brushes and spatulas(prefer the small and tiny ones)
  4. Turpentine (for cleaning the brushes and making the oil paint thin)
  5. A palette.

Let’s start with drawing a horizon line into the middle of the canvas for separating the sky and the sea from each other and start painting the sky in any color you wish. You don’t need to be realistic at this point. Firstly you can apply the paint by a tiny spatula for the sky and after the sea. Here the important point is that you need to use the same colors to the opposite directions for sky and sea, because there should be an impression of reflection from the sky to the sea.

Right exactly this one below!

Mini DIY Palm Figured Decorative Canvases

Palms need to be in the color of black under any conditional, because there is a sunset in all versions of this painting so palm trees need to be shadowy figures like this one.

Once you finished painting the sky and sea, let the canvas dry completely. Any figure that you draw becomes messy if your canvas is splashy.

Mini DIY Palm Figured Decorative Canvases

Your canvas needs to look like as the sample above before you start to draw palm tree figures.

Drawing the palm trees:

– You should start to draw your palms from the horizon line to the sky. Firstly start with the tree trunks and then continue with the palm leafs. You need to use the black oil paint. I personally prefer Talens Ivory Black oil paint for the palm figures in my own paintings.

Here, you should make the oil paint thin by the help of turpentine for applying the paint easier.

– When the time that you finish drawing the palm trees, apply the same drawing process to the opposite side to make sure the reflection of the trees is complete. Like this one below!

Mini DIY Palm Figured Decorative Canvases

– The last touch is applying little tiny white paint to the end of the palm leafs and particularly some edges of the figures that you drew on the horizon line. I used Talens Titanium White paint for this last touch, it works really goods but you can also prefer any other brand.

I drew the palm figures in different shapes and dimension. It’s all up to you and your creativeness!!

After finishing this last touch let your painting dry and wait for your beautiful result!

These are the Important Tips For This DIY Project:

– You should calculate the proportion of palm figures very carefully. They should not be too big or too small.

– The most important tip is that the colors that you use for the sky and the sea need to be hazy, greyish and pale but also need to be vibrant and rich colors like faded tones of rich colors appropriate for nightfall and the sunset!

Here I’m adding some samples to give you inspiration and courage. You can follow me on my page, for more inspiration follow @studiobluegrey !!

Mini DIY Palm Figured Decorative Canvases

Mini DIY Palm Figured Decorative Canvases

Mini DIY Palm Figured Decorative Canvases

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